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Novice Program

ICO  has a unique novice programme.  New  players who have the grade level(grade 8 A.M.E.B. or equivalent)  can come into the ranks under the guidance of the section leader. They may or may not actually play any concerts for a full year,  or at least three concert seasons. The Directors, the Conductor and the  section leader will  assist and judge their ability to cope with the very high standard required. If the novice fulfills all expectations placed upon them, then they are elevated , at the next season, to professional status. This is considered a fair way of truly judging someone’s  orchestral expertise than  if they came along  to play a solo audition.

In the first ten years of the orchestra’s life, only 20  Novices made it through, but have become life members of ICO.

If  you are interested in joining the orchestra please contact the Director, Gemma D’Aubbonnett.
If you are already a professional player, send in a CV that is up to date.  If you are not currently playing at professional status, ask about becoming a novice.    Only two can hold novice seats in any one year so you may have to wait a little but it is well and truly worth it.  Currently there are ,
in some sections, more musicians wanting to  play in  ICO than there are seats available.

ICO is always interested in making contact with musicians who really want to play.

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