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The Ipswich City Symphony (ICSO) was born in 2004 under the baton of the late Derek Taylor MBE.  It is a regional orchestra situated in the City of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.  We have experienced great leadership from the very best conductors -

Derek Taylor MBE 2004 - 2007  |  Jason Barry-Smith 2007  |  Patrick Burns 2008 - now

Talent is one thing but dedication abounds.  Patrick presently resides in Melbourne and travels to Ipswich to be our Conductor in Residence.  He moved there to complete his masters degree under John Hopkins,  Whilst Patrick has been at the helm, the ICO has continued to grow recently performing as a symphony, a feat not previously undertaken in Ipswich.

Our founder, Gemma D'Aubbonnett has been asked many times why she would put herself through the pain of such a monumental undertaking.  The answer is clear.  Watching the drain from Ipswich of some of the finest young musicians away to other places needed addressing.  Why can't these fine players perform on a regular basis in their own city?

The ICSO has an established novice programme to inspire local talented musicians to pursue their music dreams by joining as members.  Ultimately they may decide to pursue a musical career or not but one thing is certain, experience in and membership of a professional orchestra will only make it much easier.

Music Heritage Group - Ipswich Incorporated. (MHG)

MHG seeks to create opportunities to bring amateur and professional performers together, to provide opportunities for students and teachers to develop their skills and participate in performances. It will do so through concerts with its main vehicle, the Ipswich City Orchestra.  It will establish a new training orchestra – a volunteer orchestra to train and prepare players for their future professional careers.  MHG will train students in music in preparation for their future professional careers.
In the future, MHG will take a lead role in the promotion of performing arts by and with community groups in the city of Ipswich.  It will form collaborative partnerships to promote the goals and objectives of those performing arts organisations as far as they match the goals of MHG. In so doing, MHG will promote an appreciation of each others art forms, provide non-stop entertainment and cultural activities for the residents of Ipswich; showcase the City’s cultural life and promote the needs for cultural and performing arts development in Ipswich.

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Founded in 2004, Ipswich City
Symphony is a regional, professional
orchestra situated in the City of
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. 

The Orchestra

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